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Why Is YouTube Not Working On Roku (Solved)

Streaming devices are becoming not only a part of our lifestyle but a necessity as well.

As of the second quarter of 2022, it was reported that around 63.1 million people use Roku monthly in the US alone. Right from Netflix, and HBO Max to beta channels that are not a part of Roku’s channel list, Roku supports almost every video streaming service. And one of the most popular video content sharing platforms, YouTube is no exception.

Even though YouTube has worked on Roku before, it is quite possible to face an issue at some point. If you are wondering why is YouTube not working on Roku, this article is for you.

YouTube Roku

Roku has a simple user interface, and YouTube is the most beloved search engine after Google. Watching YouTube on Roku TV is a combination we all like. If you do not have a YouTube app on Roku already, you can install it from the Channel Store on the Roku Home screen.

Roku YouTube Not Working 2022

Whether you use a Roku set-up box, Roku streaming stick, or Roku Tv, the features are going to be almost alike. Similarly, if you are facing an issue with running a particular app on Roku, the resolution will be the same across all the Roku devices most time.

If your YouTube app stops working on the Roku device, There could be multiple reasons why YouTube might not be working on your Roku device or TV.

Here are some quick fixes to try at home to fix the problem:

  1. YouTube site is down: One of the reasons why YouTube has stopped working abruptly is because of a service outage. If so, this problem won’t be specific to you. You can check it by simply searching in the search engine Is YouTube down? Or download Downdetector. If the problem is related to this, YouTube will start working shortly.
  1. Internet Bandwidth: Check if YouTube is working on other devices at home. In case of a slow or bad internet connection, this issue might reflect in other devices as well. Try restarting the wifi router if the internet connection is causing the problem.
  1. YouTube app needs to be updated: To make sure if YouTube app on Roku is up to date, follow these steps:
  • Go to the YouTube app on Roku using the remote control.
  • Press the asterisk (*) button.
  • From the pop-up menu, Check for Updates.

YouTube will update automatically if there are any updates available. Now, see if YouTube has started working. If this does not work, try reinstalling the YouTube app.

  1. Roku has new Updates: There is a chance that some software glitch or a bug in your Roku version is causing this issue. Here, the wise thing to do is to check for system updates and install them if there are any. To update Roku,
  • Press Home on Roku remote control.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Click on System, and then choose System Update.
  • If there’s any available update showing, install it.
  1. Reinstall Roku: If the problem is because of the cached software on Roku, you can try to Restart Roku. To do this, follow these steps:
  • Press Home on Roku’s remote control.
  • Go to Settings, and select Systems.
  • Select Power, then choose System Restart.
  • Confirm by selecting Restart, and wait till your Roku device reboots.

YouTube Not Working On Tcl Roku TV

A lot of people prefer streaming YouTube and other streaming channels on TV sets. Roku Tv is known to give you a seamless and more integrated experience as it does not require any external devices. But what if YouTube on Roku Tv stops working? This can happen due to various reasons. 

To get YouTube running back normally on Roku Tv, you can try the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Remove YouTube and YouTube TV apps from the system.
  2. Now Restart Roku by following this method – 

Go home>settings>system>power, and do the restart there.

  1. Now install the apps again.

Roku YouTube Search Not Working

We can all agree that a search feature has a lot of Utility on any media platform. It makes it easier for users to find specific content from the wide array of content available, thus saving time. No one would want the Search function to fail or stop working. But what if it happens?

The problems can look like this- You are unable to search on YouTube, Search history is not visible, the Search box does not appear, or the screen goes blank when a user tries to search something.

But don’t you worry, there are multiple ways to fix this issue.

  • Try accessing YouTube with the Ad blocker function enabled. This will fix the issue for both Firefox and Chrome users.
  • Try changing the DNS of the router to Chrome DNS. This should make the Search feature function, which might be because of the unblocking of
  • Try Troubleshooting with the help of tips provided by YouTube.

YouTubeTV Roku Update

Roku has gradually expanded its user base since its launch in 2008. It is now a widely used digital media player offering a variety of content from different online streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and more. Roku is designed to check for available updates, and install them automatically. But sometimes you might need to do system update manually in the following situations-

  • Your Roku device has been disconnected for a long time period.
  • You have recently installed a non-certified channel.

Roku is bringing in the new version of the operating system on Roku all over the world. Roku OS 11.5 will bring in new updates like new options for the Home screen menu, new ways to search content, improved audio and voice, and more.

Youtube Not Working On Roku TV 

What if someone tells you that Roku and YouTube have ended their agreement, and YouTube is no longer available on Roku? Well, this happened in early December of 2021. YouTube Tv was removed from the Roku channel store in April 2021. And then negotiations were going on for months. 

Finally, in December 2021, YouTube’s parent company Google and Roku came to an agreement and not only restored the YouTube app but also YouTube Tv. A lot of people were affected due to this Roku-Google disagreement. However, for now, the disagreement has been resolved, and you can enjoy both YouTube and YouTube Tv on all Roku devices.

FAQs: Why Is YouTube Not Working On Roku

Why is YouTube not working with Roku?

If YouTube is not working with Roku, it could be because of the following reasons-

  • The YouTube site is down.
  • Internet Bandwidth issues.
  • The YouTube app needs to be updated.
  • Roku has new Updates that need to be installed.
  • Bug in Roku software that can go away with reinstallation.

Does Roku 2022 have YouTube?

Yes, all Roku 2022 devices support both the YouTube apps and YouTube Tv.

Is YouTube still on Roku?

Yes, YouTube is still available on Roku.

What do you do when YouTube won’t load?

If YouTube doesn’t load on Roku, you can fix it in the following way-

  • Check the internet connection.
  • Verify if the YouTube site is down.
  • Try updating the YouTube app.
  • Reinstall the YouTube app.

Is YouTube a dying platform?

YouTube is seeing year on year increase in revenue over the past few years. In spite of its growing competitors, it is not a dying platform.

Wrapping Up

Roku’s user-friendly digital media service, and YouTube’s vast content library, have made Roku-YouTube an inseparable combination for its users. However, there are some rare days when our favorite duo isn’t working smoothly or fails to work.  We have tried to identify several reasons for your query – why is YouTube not working on Roku? And we have also provided solutions for the issue in this article.

If you have any more questions you want us to address related to this topic, feel free to drop them into the comment box.

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