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What Does User Not Found Mean on Instagram- Solved

Have you been blocked? It can be the case but, there are other reasons too when you search for, what does user not found mean on Instagram. Instagram gives its users various ways which can lead to this issue! In this article, let’s discuss a few as account deleted, account disabled, changed username, and if you are blocked.

What Does User Not Found Mean on Instagram?

There can be many reasons behind when you see this prompt, “user not found.” Here are a few,

The User Has Disabled its Account/ User Not Found Instagram Deactivated

Many times you can see that people take a break from social media. In this case, Instagram. Social detox is a new way of living life. In place of going all dark i.e. deleting their account, IG users opt for disabling option more. 

This function allows them to come back to their account whenever they want. It saves the hassle of creating a new account, adding everybody, and creating and posting content from scratch.

The User Has Deleted its Account

The other way which can cause their account disappearance is if they have deleted their Instagram account. 

When the account is deleted you can’t see their profile at all. All the credentials are deleted from the IG. 

So when you search their username, you can only see “user not found on Instagram.”

The User Has Changed its Username

Instagram allows Igers to experiment with their username all the time You can amp up your profile by using an eye-catching username. 

Instagrammers who have a lot of followers don’t do this, they might lose their new followers. But, the new Igers or the ones with private accounts go for this option all the time. 

The User Has Blocked You/User not found Instagram am I Blocked

How do you know if you have been blocked on Instagram? It is one of the most searched questions about Instagram on google.

When your Instagram account is blocked you can’t see their posts anymore, their stories, and the messages disappear from the Dm. 

You can no longer see your conversations. You can see their profile but none of their posts.

Bonus reason:

They have turned off their account discoverable option in their settings. They can even opt out off profile suggestions, or, who can send requests and search them through username. 

FAQ- What Does User Not Found Mean on Instagram

How do you know if someone deleted their Instagram or blocked you?

If you search for their profile by typing the username in the search bar and you can’t see their profile. Then it can be that they have deleted their Instagram account. However, if you can see their profile, but not their post. It’s more likely that you have been blocked. 

Can I see who blocked me on Instagram?

No, Instagram doesn’t notify the person who has been blocked.

What happens when someone blocks you on Instagram?

You can’t chat with them. You can’t see their posts and you don’t get any new notifications from their account about their activity.

When you block someone do they know?

No, Instagram doesn’t tell the person who is being blocked by you. Its confidential.

How do you contact someone who has blocked you?

You can create another account on Instagram to send them a dm. Else, search on other social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, etc to contact them.


What does user not found mean on Instagram doesn’t have a single answer. There are plenty of reasons you see this message while searching for a username. I have tried to cover the most common ones like being blocked, account deleted or disabled, and username changed. Was this article helpful, share it!

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