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What Does SFS Mean on Instagram Decoded

Instagram and its hashtags are not new. With them came a long way too much slang. It’s hard to keep track of them as new slang pop-ups every day. Unless you aren’t someone well versed with this style of communication it’s not easy to get their meaning. Like today, what does sfs mean on Instagram popped up in my query? So, here I am with its meaning, uses, and response you need to know If you are on Instagram or any other social media platforms.

Let’s cover first, 

what Does SFS Mean on Instagram

So, SFS on Instagram stands for, “shoutout for shoutout” and also, “spam for spam.” while on Snapchat it means, “snap for snap.”

To understand its use, you must know about hashtags.

  1. Instagram uses hashtags for different kinds of posts/feeds.
  2. Hashtags are used widely to categorize these feeds. The hashtags with the maximum number of feeds are the ones often trending. 
  3. The relevant follower base on Instagram follows these hashtags.
  4. When you follow a hashtag, you see the posts, reels, videos, etc which have those hashtags first.
  5. Instagram influencers/users use these hashtags meticulously to expand their content reach on this platform.

So, it means just like any account, these hashtags are also popular and have followers. You can create an SFS for your Instagram too. 

How Do You Make an SFS?

  1. To make an SFS, first of all create a post. 
  2. The post can be about you as a content creator showcasing your work. It can also be about any services you provide. Or any product you make and sell.
  3. Now, look for similar accounts as yours. Reach out to them, follow and like-comment on their feeds. This will help in the conversation.
  4. Share your post and tag them.
  5. Share posts in the story and tag them again. To gain more attention.
  6. Use SFS in the hashtags or in the story.

This is how you create a shoutout post on Instagram. They will respond by sharing your post and tagging you in it. This way you get a shoutout from them.

The other way to do this is to find relevant pages to your niche on Instagram. Follow them and be active.

Another way is to look for shoutout pages on Instagram in your niche. Participate in the contest and get free shoutouts.

SFS Instagram Story

SFS Instagram story means you created a story with a swipe-up link to your website/product, etc, and, mentioned SFS in your story. Now your followers can see it and if they like you can ask them for a shoutout. 

It’s a way to promote your brand/profile on Instagram and gain more followers.

How to Respond to SFS on Instagram

You can reply back to sfs in the following ways:

  1. Sharing the screenshot of the shoutout in your story and tagging them—thanking them for sfs.
  2. Sharing their sfs as a post.
  3. Ask your followers to follow them back.

You should know other meanings of SFS 

What does SFS mean sexually

SFS  also means sexual frustration syndrome in a sexual context. However, you will not find it among popular hashtags on any social media platform unless there’s a movement going on countrywide!

SFS Urban Dictionary

SFS when used in urban verbal context it can mean the following things

In facebook text: shower fap sleep, to say bye when sleepy/tired of conversation

In Snapchat it stands for; snap for snap, snap for sale too.

In sale:  still up for sale

Seriously funny sh*t, snap for sale, secure file sharing, so fc*king stressed are some of SFS other full forms.

The point is, there isn’t a definite meaning of these short forms until you give them one. You can create your own slang, fill it with some catchy words and share it. The beauty of the internet is you can see it trending in a few weeks, or months’ time if it gained an audience.

FAQ- What Does SFS Mean on Instagram

What does SFS mean from a girl?

SFS from a girl simply means she wants you to promote her snap, account, and profile on that platform.

How do you reply to SFS?

You can reply to an SFS by sharing the screenshot image to your story, and also by sharing the shoutout in your post. By asking your followers to follow them. 

To know more, read the above article.

Whats SFS mean on Snapchat?

On Snapchat, SFS can mean one of two things, “snap for snap” or “snap for sale.” 


SFS means shout-out for a shout-out or spam for spam on Instagram. IG influencers use it to promote their feeds, profile, services, and products on this platform. It works well to gain organic followers and expand your audience base. There are several ways to SFS on Instagram like through posts, stories, direct messages, and participating in shoutout contests. So, now you know what does sfs mean on Instagram. Give us a shoutout by sharing the link to this article on your Instagram. 

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