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What Does Copyright Claim Mean On YouTube (2 Quick solutions)

Copyright is a nightmare for all the users who are uploading videos on youtube.
If you are new to this or don’t know much about copyright, then you have landed on the right page.

Let’s dive deeper into this subject! we will let you know what does Copyright Claim Mean on YouTube

Copyright Claim Meaning

A copyright claim is made when someone claims that another person has used their idea or creation without their permission. Whether it’s using their song, photography, video, etc comes all under a copyright claim.

How can you get YouTube Copyright Claim Monetization

Are you one of those people who wonder if Is it possible to monetize a channel with copyright claims?

You need to apply for a YouTube partner program and there are criteria that one has to meet.
The following requirements are:

  1. Getting over 1,000 subscribers.
  2. 4,000 Watch Time hours accumulated in a 12-month period.
  3. You must have an account on Google AdSense linked to your channel.
  4. All YouTube rules must be followed.
  5. Must live in a country where creators can participate in the YouTube Partner Program.

A human reviewer will also be reviewing the channel and look for the following:

  1. The theme of the channel.
  2. Most popular videos and the most recent ones.
  3. Video metadata, such as descriptions, thumbnails, and titles, with the most Watch Time.

Tip: If your most-viewed videos do not contain copyright claims, you have a better chance of monetizing your channel.

How to Remove Copyright Claim on YouTube in Mobile

Do you know that you can remove copyright claims on YouTube on mobile as well? You can follow these simple steps:

  1. Login to YouTube Studio.
  2. Select Content and go to the restrictions column.
  3. Tap on see details.
  4. Click select action and select the following action: Remove a segment, Replace a song, or Mute a song.

How to see the copyright claim on youtube mobile

  1. Check if your video has a Content ID claim
  2. Log in to YouTube Studio.
  3. Select Content from the left menu.
  4. Click the filter bar. Copyright
  5. Find videos that interest you. In the Restrictions column, hover over Copyright. Copyright 
  6. The video has a Content ID claim.

How to Check Copyright Claim on YouTube

Looking to check copyright claims on YouTube? Follow the steps below to check the copyright claim on YouTube:

  1. Login to your YouTube studio.
  2. Select content from the left menu.
  3. Tap on copyright claims.
  4. Go to the restrictions column.
  5. Click on see details.
  6. Find out who claimed the video under the Copyright owners section.

What is the Difference Between YouTube Copyright Claim v/s Strike

A copyright claim is someone claiming that you used their content, whether it’s a video clip, an image, or a piece of audio.

Copyright claim does not affect your channel but holders can keep their earnings from the video where you have used their work.

The holder can also play advertisements on your video and may restrict your video to certain countries or regions.

Whereas a  copyright strike indicates that a copyright holder filed a complete and valid legal takedown request for the use of their copyright-protected content. A copyright strike can only be applied to one video at a time and will have an impact on your channel.

The owner of the copyright has the right to remove your video.

Your video will be unable to be monetized.

Note: If you receive three strikes, YouTube will give you seven days to remove it or remove your channel.

How to fix copyright claim on youtube mobile

In the Restrictions column, hover over Copyright. Click View details. In the ‘Content identified in this video’ section, find the appropriate claim and click Action. Cut segments, replace songs or mute songs.

How to Fix Copyright Claim on YouTube

What Does Copyright Claim Mean On YouTube
What Does Copyright Claim Mean On YouTube

Fixing copyright claims is not a difficult task, these claims can be easily fixed by following a few steps

  1. Login to YouTube Studio.
  2. Tap on content from the left menu.
  3. Locate the video with the claim you want to dispute in the Videos tab.
  4. Use the filter bar and then copyright claims.
  5. Hover over the Copyright claim in the restrictions column.
  6. Tap on see details.
  7. Click select action then Dispute.

FAQs: What Does Copyright Claim Mean On YouTube

Are copyright claims bad?

Copyright claims are not bad for your videos as they don’t harm your YouTube account.

Can I remove copyright claim?

If you want to remove the copyright claim then you can trim out the part of the video that contains the copyright claim.

Should I delete a video with copyright claim?

Whenever there is a copyright claim or a copyright strike on a video, deleting the video does not remove the copyright claim or strike. 

You can make the video private or unlisted so you can resolve the claim when it is invalid. When you have a valid strike, it is best to delete it.

How many copyright claims can you have on youtube?

If you receive three copyright infringement warnings:

Your account will be terminated along with all associated channels. All videos uploaded to your account will be deleted. New channels cannot be created.

Should I be worried about a copyright claim on YouTube?

A copyright claim will have no negative impact on your YouTube channel. However, If you have used someone’s content the following three scenarios may occur:

  1. The original artist can claim the revenue from your video.
  2. The copyright holder can place advertisements on your video to generate revenue
  3. Your video may be restricted in a few countries or regions by the copyright holder.

What happens if you get 3 copyright claims on YouTube?

If you receive three copyright strikes, your account and any associated channels will be terminated. All videos you’ve uploaded to your account will be deleted. You cannot add new channels.

How do I fix a copyright strike?

A copyright strike can be fixed in these ways:

  1. You can contact the person who claimed your video and request that they withdraw their claim of copyright infringement.
  2. You can submit a counter-notification if you believe your video was removed in error or qualifies as fair use.

How long does a copyright claim take YouTube?

If a copyright holder discovers their copyright-protected work being posted on YouTube without their permission, they may file a takedown request for the content.

When the request is approved, YouTube gives the uploader seven days to remove the video and avoid a copyright strike. If they do not, the video will be deleted after 7 days.

How can I add music to my YouTube video without copyright?

In order to add music to your YouTube video without copyright, you need to have permission from the creator to use the music or you can use royalty-free music.


Copyright claims are sure to be a headache for many creators but there are ways to fix them too. We hope now you have a basic knowledge of copyright claims and copyright strikes. Whenever in doubt, you can always refer to this blog and other blogs for more information on the related topics or more.

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