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How to Watch Instagram Live in 2022 (with Images)

Instagram is slowly moving onward to promote more video content. One popular medium to do that is to go live with your followers. Go-lives have become a great way to interact with real-time people. All you have to do is to join their live broadcast and see/participate in their activity. But, How to watch Instagram live? Don’t worry, I am here to tell you this and many more things. Keep reading!

Let’s Start from the Beginning, What Is Instagram Live?

Instagram Live is a feature of Instagram stories by which you can go live. You can show what you are up to with your followers. Here is how you can go live;

  1. Go to your “Instagram page,” tap on the ” +” sign at the top right corner.
  2. Select the option “Live.”
  3. Tap on the “live icon” at the center bottom. 
  4. “you are now live!”

How to Find Live Videos on Instagram

Instagram allows you to watch live videos from;

  1. The accounts you are “following,” and
  2. The “public accounts,” or
  3. You are following “specific hashtags” for definite live videos.
  4. Another way is to “search for live videos” on the explorer page.

To Find the Live Videos on Instagram 2022, take these simple steps:

  1. Go to your “profile.”
  2. Click on the “magnifying search icon” at the bottom to go to the explorer page.
  3. Just below the search bar, you can see tabs for different types of content. Swipe left, and you can see “Live.”
  4. Click on “Live” and you can see all the live videos from various accounts.
  5. Scroll and click the one you want to watch.

Instagram Live Now Link

how to watch instagram live
how to watch instagram live

The Instagram “Live Now” link shows up in the story when someone goes live. This link is visible on the follower’s story bar in colors like red or blue with a beaming animation. 

Instagram also gives the option to share the link, like, and comment. Moreover, you can now join the live broadcast by sending a “ask to join” request.

  1. Once you see somebody’s “Live link” on your story bar. 
  2. Click on their “profile picture or story.” 
  3. You can see their live feed now. 

What Happens When Someone Goes Live on Instagram Can They See Your Face!

No, they can’t unless you also join the live session. For doing so, you have to send a join-in request to the person going live. 

how to watch instagram live
how to watch instagram live

Don’t want to miss watching Instagram Live in the future This tip is for you

  • Go to the account you don’t wanna miss out on any live sessions from.
  • Click on the bell icon you see right next to their name.
  • Next, click on the “Goes Live” option at the bottom of the list.
  • Now, turn no “Recieve All Notification.”

By, doing this you will not miss out on any of their live activity.

Pro Tip:

Instagram states, ”we automatically send notifications about live videos that may interest you,….” This also means, being mindful while watching content else Instagram algorithm will not understand your priority interest. 

FAQ-How to Watch Instagram Live

How can I watch a live Instagram?

You will receive a notification when someone you follow on Instagram goes live. You can see their live video by clicking on their profile picture.

How do you watch random lives on Instagram?

Go to the explorer page→just below the search bar, you will see multiple tabs→ swipe left to go to live→ click on the live →all the live videos will appear on the explorer page.

How do I watch Instagram live on my computer?

You can watch Instagram live on your computer by going to Instagram Log in to your Instagram account. Now, follow the steps described in the above blog.

Why can’t I watch Instagram live?

There can be multiple reasons; 

1- your app is not up to date.

2- There is a weak internet connection. 

3- The server is not responding. 

4- Your app is going through a technical glitch which is quite common. 

5- The Live is from a private account, and you don’t follow it. 

6- You are restricted to watching the Live by the broadcaster. 

How do you join an Instagram live as a guest?

You can join a live broadcast as a guest if you have received a request to join. Also, you can ask to join the live session by sending a request during the live feed. Here, follow these steps:

Tap the downward arrow beside the username→ tap on “Request to join”→ “Send request.”

If the person accepts your request, you are good to go!

Is Instagram live different than Instagram?

Instagram live is another feature of the Instagram app. This allows people to interact with their followers in real time.


Instagram keeps updating its algorithm. The year 2022 is all about video content and live videos are a significant part. I hope this blog on ”How to watch instagram live” answered most of your queries. If not, ask us in our comments section. If this blog was helpful, drop a smiley!

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