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How to Watch Deleted Videos on YouTube (3 Quick Solutions)

YouTube is a vast platform with a diverse range of content ranging from music-generated videos to tutorials and DIYs.It caters to the needs of a wide audience from each and every group. Sometimes it happens that the video you liked or wanted to watch gets deleted.

In this blog post, we’ll dive deep to learn how to watch deleted videos on youtube.

The video may be deleted by the owner itself, or by YouTube for violating some of the guidelines of the platform. Though it seems impossible to watch the deleted content, all in all, it is somewhat possible. As nothing on the Internet gets deleted forever.

Watch Deleted YouTube Videos URL Reddit

The best and easiest way to find the deleted video is through the Wayback Machine, also known as archive.org. It has been a website archival system since 1996, containing over 500 billion pages and expanding every day.

Here’s how you can watch the deleted videos:

1. First of all, find the URL or link of the deleted video. You can get the link in the YouTube email or channel account if you are searching for an uploaded video. Or you can find the link in your browser history, YouTube history, or YouTube-liked videos shared through social media platforms.

2. Navigate to archive.org and enter the YouTube URL into the search bar.

3. Once you find the video on the archive website, you will be able to see all the details of the video.

4. You won’t be able to play the video. Right-click on the video to find the option to download it.

Note: This is the most effective method and it works quite well when the website has been archived. This method may not always work, necessitating the use of a more sophisticated method to view the video.

Watch Deleted Youtube Videos without the URL(Bonus Tip)

You can find the deleted video a lot quicker when you’ve got the URL. But what if you cannot find the URL or link to the deleted video? It can still be found. The Internet is a global village and everything here is connected and nothing ever leaves the Internet once it is on the Internet. And this connection really helps in a more useful way.

This method is a bit complicated and would require your full attention. Here’s how you can use this:

1. Open a new tab in your browser.

2. In the search bar, type www.youtube.com + the name of the deleted video.

3. This way, Google can crawl all the videos from the YouTube database with the relevant name and take you closer to finding the deleted video.

4. If you know the video was shared by someone on any social media platform, you can even use this as a way to search for the video. In the search bar, type the same URL as above except youtube.com, and replace this with Facebook.com or Instagram.com, for example.

5. Once you get the URL, you can simply use the first method and paste the URL on the archive.org website to find your deleted video and download it by using a right-click.

Even after your efforts and applying the whole method, you cannot find the URL and video. I’m sorry to tell you that the video might be completely deleted from the server.

Does YouTube Keep Deleted Videos

No, youtube doesn’t keep deleted videos. Once deleted the video is deleted forever. You can never recover a video through youtube. The only way to recover a video is through the archive.org website through the steps mentioned above. Or you can only access the video other than this if and only if you have a backup saved of the video.

How to recover deleted YouTube videos on your iPhone

To recover deleted YouTube videos on your iPhone, you must connect your iPhone to a computer and need a specialized data recovery tool. Follow the steps below:

1. First of all, connect your iPhone to a computer, whether Mac or Windows.

Install Disk Drill on your computer.

3. Open Disk Drill and look at the list of the connected devices and select the iPhone.

4. Tap Search for your lost data to scan your iPhone.

5. Click Review found items.

6. Choose the video you want to recover and click on Recover. Then select the location where you want your restored video to be saved.

YouTube video finder

You can also find deleted videos through this chrome extension: YouTube Video Finder. This works quite effortlessly by searching for the URL of the video on the Wayback Machine or archive.org.

Follow the steps below to find the deleted video:

1. Go to the playlist where the deleted video listing is present.

2. Right-click on the video and select the Find Video option.

3. Then the tab for the Wayback Machine will open and then you can proceed further with the download.

Note: This works only with the desktop version as it supports extensions.

FAQs: How to Watch Deleted Videos on YouTube

Can you get your deleted YouTube videos back?

Yes, you can take the help of the YouTube support team to recover your deleted or lost video. However, you need to have 10,000 views on the video or be a part of the YouTube partner program to be eligible for this.

Can you get back permanently deleted videos on your iPhone?

Yes, it is actually possible to recover the deleted videos permanently on your iPhone through iCloud and iTunes backups, sometimes through third-party apps also. For this, you need to install the app on your computer and then connect it to your iPhone to start the recovery process.

How do I locate recently deleted items?

You can easily find your deleted photos from Recently Deleted Photos for 30 days or you can go to your Google Photos and tap on the Library trash at the bottom. Then select the video or photo you want to recover. At the bottom, tap restore. Your photos or videos will be back.

What happens when a YouTube video is deleted?

The deleted video will no longer be searchable or viewed on YouTube. The removal process starts immediately.

Is there a YouTube archive?

YouTube automatically archives your live stream if it is less than 12 hours old. It also archives video resolutions of 1440p and 2160p, and this archive option is available for all types of streams.

Where do deleted files go on the iPhone?

The temporarily deleted files go to the recycle bin and can be easily restored from there. The permanently deleted files go back to the memory where they were saved earlier; it’s just you cannot access them anymore.

Which app is best for recovering deleted videos? 

There are many apps to recover deleted videos, but naming a few includes

1. Tenorshare

2. Iskysoft 

3. Mobisaver EaseUs

4. Jad.

5. Recuva Piriform


Now I believe you know,  how to watch deleted videos on youtube, it’s not always possible to watch deleted videos. It is always a good idea to download or save the video. Because you can only recover the deleted video if it has been crawled, cached, or re-uploaded. Uploading the video to the cloud is also a good option.

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