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How to View Private Instagram:(With Complete Guide)

With more than 1 billion members, Instagram is a well-known social networking site.

Many creators choose to have a public profile, which means anyone can view everything they have shared. Whereas some people prefer private profiles wherein their content is visible to their followers only.

But do you know how to view private Instagram?

Even if you don’t follow some people on Instagram, you can still see their content.

Let’s read how.

How to View Private Instagram Profiles 2022 Reddit

Although there is no direct method to see private Instagram profiles, you can still view private Instagram profiles by using third-party websites or apps.

How to View Private Instagram Profiles 2022 Free

If you are looking for how to view private Instagram profiles for free, follow these steps:

1. Send the Private account a follow request.

This is the easiest method how to view private Instagram account if your request gets accepted. But, it could take a few days to get your follow request accepted depending on how active they are on the platform.

2. Search for the Profile on Google.

You can simply head on to Google and search for the profile’s handle and see content related to them. Google keeps a record of accounts on Instagram. However, only the content which was posted when the account was public will be visible to you.

3. Try Third-Party Apps.

There are various third-party tools for how to view private Instagram accounts. For example Private Insta, Private Instagram Viewer, InstaLooker, InstaRipper, InstaGrammies, and GWAA.

4. Create A Fake Account.

Although unethical, you can create a fake Instagram account and send follow requests to private accounts. This method can work if someone is not accepting your follow request from your original Instagram account.

Remember to keep your account private to remain safe throughout the process.
How to View Private Instagram
How to View Private Instagram Profiles 2022 Free
How to View Private Instagram
How to View Private Instagram Profiles 2022 Free
How to View Private Instagram
How to View Private Instagram Profiles 2022 Free

 View Private Instagram without Human Verification

There are a few Instagram apps to see private Instagram accounts without human verification and limit such as Glassagram, UMobix, mSpy, and eye Zy.

How to See Private Instagram Photos and Videos

If you want to know how to view private Instagram photos and videos, follow this simple guide:

 1. Send a follow request.

2. Create a fake Instagram profile.

3. View their Instagram profile from a friend’s account.

4. Wait for them to switch to a public profile.

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Igmods Instagram Private Account

Igmods helps how to view private Instagram profiles for users across iOS, Android, and Desktop. Follow these steps:

1. Enter the username of a private Instagram account. 

2. Click connect and confirm the shown account and proceed to the unlocking process.

3. Complete the human verification and viola! You can see their private photos and videos.

Instagram View Private Account Download

It isn’t easy to access photos and videos of private accounts on Instagram. There are a few tools through which you can download photos/videos of private accounts without logging in. For Instance, SaveInsta enables unrestricted downloading of images and videos from private Instagram accounts.

How to View Private Instagram
Instagram View Private Account Download

FAQ: How to View Private Instagram

What can Instagram ++ do?

It is similar to conventional Instagram, however, you will get more features with Instagram ++.

Some features of Instagram ++ are: 

  • Changes to the Layout for the Home feed. 
  • Quicker Reposting.
  • Can save posts on your iPhone.
  • Can find out who follows you and who doesn’t.

What is Instajail?

Instagram jail is a method to protect against spam. The app disables your account for a definite period when it finds any odd activity on your profile. Making a lot of comments, liking too many posts quickly, or gaining a large number of followers rapidly can land you in Instajail and lead to account suspension.

How long is Instagram jail?

The duration of account restoration will depend on the type of violation. The restrictions can be short lasting from a day to a few weeks. You will be unable to like, share, or comment on posts until your account is restored.

How many warnings does Instagram give?

Instagram issues a warning to users that their accounts might be deleted if they frequently breach the terms of service. After this, if a user still violates their rules then that may result in their account being permanently deleted. 

Currently, there is no policy regarding the number of warnings to be given before an account is removed from Instagram.

Who blocked me on Instagram?

Go to If their profile is visible in the browser but not the app, there’s a chance that they have blocked you. But, if their profile is not visible on Instagram web, they might have deleted their account.

What is vanish mode on Instagram Reddit?

Vanish Mode is an advanced messaging feature that allows you to hide messages from specific chats after viewing them.


Instagram is a popular social networking site where some people choose to have a public profile, while others prefer to keep their content private. There are ways you can view private Instagram profiles for free using third-party websites and apps.

If you have further questions, please let us know via your comments.

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