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How to Turn Off Comments on YouTube (2022 Complete Guide)

YouTube comments are enabled by default. If not, it’s very easy to learn how to enable comments on YouTube. One of the main benefits of enabling comments on your YouTube videos is getting real feedback from your audience.

Here we will guide you on how to turn off comments on youtube.

If you are a brand,  you must read all the comments on our YouTube videos. This is not only useful for sentiment analysis. It also helps you understand what your audience expects from you and what to focus on when shooting and editing your footage.

How to Turn on YouTube Comments as a Viewer

The access for enabling and disabling YouTube comments is only with the owner of the channel. 

They might have disabled the YouTube comments because the video is strictly for kids or maybe the video is disabled by the account owner of YouTube. 

So, there is no feature in the YouTube application regarding turning on YouTube comments as a viewer.

How to Turn Off Comments on YouTube Live Stream

You can turn the live stream on or off at any time during your event or live stream. Here you go with the following steps:

  1. Open the live control room.
  2. Visit Stream and Webcam, and on the top right corner, tap on Edit.
  3. Tap on Customisation and uncheck Live Chat.

How to Turn Off Comments on YouTube Shorts

How to Turn Off Comments on YouTube
How to turn off comments on YouTube shorts
  1. Getting bad or mature comments on YouTube shorts is so annoying. YouTube offers the setting to turn off comments on your videos made by others. Follow these guidelines to disable comments on YouTube shorts:
  2. Install YouTube Studio on your PC in the browser.
  3. Log in to your Google account.
  4. Visit Content (left side of the panel) and go to the short video you want to edit.
  5. Tap on the Edit button.
  6. Swipe to the bottom of the webpage and click on Show More.
  7. Swipe down again and click the Comment visibility drop-down menu.
  8. Click on the Disable Comments option.
  9. Click Save to apply the changes.

 How to Turn on Comments on YouTube Mobile

Have you intentionally or accidentally turned off your youtube comments and now you want to enable it then follow the steps given below:

  1. Locate the Menu.
  2. Choose a video.
  3. Go to the Advanced Settings section.
  4. Select the video you want to edit 
  5. Select the pencil icon.
  6. Select the comments option and tap save.
  7. If you turn off comments, the existing comments won’t get deleted. You can see them again whenever you decide to turn on comments.

 How to Turn on Comments on YouTube on Ipad

How to Turn Off Comments on YouTube
How to turn on comments on YouTube on iPad

1.Go to Youtube studio and refresh your page.

2.Go to videos and switch your accounts. 

3.You can see comments are turned off, dob you can enable it by clicking Edit button.

4.Ensure that the video is not selected yes it’s made made for kids. Turn it off.

5.Save your changes.

6.Refresh your page on YouTube.

Comments Are Turned Off

If you are worried about why you can’t talk to viewers in the comments, here are some reasons why comments are turned off.

  1. Comments are turned off because the channel/user owner selected the Disable comments setting.
  2. The YouTube support team disables comments to keep YouTube viewers and users safe.
  3. The channel or video audience is targeted as Made for Kids.

The time you set a channel or video’s audience to Made for Kids, comments will be permanently deleted in 30 days.

FAQs: How to Turn Off Comments on YouTube

Can you turn all the comments off on YouTube?

Yes, I can turn off all comments by disabling the comments in advance settings.

Should I turn off YouTube comments?

Some people make mean or disrespectful comments for no apparent reason. It’s better to turn off comments when the hate becomes too real than to absorb negative opinions. Fortunately, you can accomplish this without a desktop computer. Quickly turn YouTube comments on or off using your Android or iOS mobile device.

How do I turn off comments on YouTube on my phone?

Tap the Menu in the upper left corner and go to Videos. Find and tap the video you want to change. Then tap Edit and swipe to the Advanced tab. Scroll down until you see the comment option. This allows you to turn comments on or off for this video on your channel.

How do I manage YouTube comments?

Visit our Comment History. Tap the video link. Next to the comment on YouTube, click more. Choose Edit or Delete.

Does turning off commenting delete comments?

You can turn off comments to prevent other users from commenting on a single post. Turning off comments hides all comments that currently exist on the post. Turning comments back on for a post restores previous comments and allows users to comment again.


Now you know how to turn off comments on YouTube. If you’re just starting as a creator, the comments section can be a boon for you. It shows how engaged your audience is and how you provide value to them. However, after a while, you may see a lot of trolls, negativity, and bot comments in the comments section. It’s time to turn off the comment section and get organized. Comment down!!

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