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How To Trim a YouTube Video(2 Proven Hacks)

Is Your video too long? Is your audience losing attention?

How to trim a YouTube video, make sure the first five seconds of a video are where you draw your viewers in and convince them to stay for the entire duration you have to say.

You can remove the beginning, middle, or end of your video on a computer. re-uploading a trimmed video is not required. The video’s URL, view count, and comments won’t change. This feature is for videos having a duration of fewer than six hours.

Let’s see how to trim a YouTube video right now 

  1. Launch YouTube Studio.
  2. From the left menu, select Content.
  3. Select the title or thumbnail of the video we wish to edit.
  4. From the left menu, choose Editor.
  5. Select Trim & cut. A blue box will pop up in the editor.
  6. Drag the sides of the blue box. 
  7. Stop when the box covers the portion of the video we want to trim. 
  8. The rest of the portion outside the box will be removed from the video.
  9. Click Save.

How to trim a YouTube video that is not yours

We can edit someone else’s YouTube video with Mac’s in-built editor, QuickTime Player—an Apple-developed software, pre-installed on Mac, check-out now:

  1. launch the QuickTime player in our applications. Choose the video we wish to edit.
  2. Tap on Edit at the top, and choose Trim we will find it at the lower end of the dropdown list.
  3. Utilize the yellow slider to select the portion you want to cut. Anything outside the yellow slider will be erased. Click Trim on the right side of the slider.
  4. Click on File and select Save
  5. Name our video, choose the preferred location for the video, and tap “Save.” 

How to trim a YouTube video in PowerPoint

If we have added a video to a PowerPoint slide, you can remove unwanted content from any part of the clip. You can only trim videos that you’ve downloaded from your computer. Follow us immediately

  1. In the Normal view, choose the video frame from the slide.
  2. Select the Playback tab, and click Trim Video.
  3. InsideTrim Video dialog box, tap on Play.
  4. When you reach the point in the video to make the cut, press Pause.
  5. Use Nudge Forward and Nudge Backward buttons to adjust the location of a marker.

Pro Tip:

  1. To trim the beginning of the clip, tap the start point, and Drag it rightward to a new starting position for the video.
  1. To trim the end of the clip, tap the endpoint. Drag it leftward to a new ending position for the video.

How to trim YouTube videos online

Follow a few simple steps to

We can trim YouTube videos on the go-through mobile app, let’s jump in and check How to trim a YouTube video online

  1. Visit Kapwing and upload your video. You can even copy & paste URLs from YouTube.
  1. Use Sliders to cut and trim your video to the desired length using sliders. Using arrow keys you can fine-tune trimming time.
  1. Click Export and your edited video will be available. 

How do I trim and download a YouTube video?

Trim the beginning or end of the video

  1. Select trim and cut.  A blue box will appear in the editor.
  2. Drag the sides of the blue box. Stop when the box covers the part of the video you want to keep. Anything not in the box will be removed from the video.
  3. Click Save. 

How to cut YouTube videos on mobile

We have read multiple ways How to trim a YouTube video, interestingly, we can cut YouTube videos on mobile following a few simple and easy steps.

  1. Download → Install → Launch the Google Photos app
  2. Choose and open a video you want to edit. 
  3. Click Edit 
  4. Click and drag the trim handle, and select the section of your video you want to show.
  5. At the bottom right, click Save to store your video at the desired location.
How to trim a YouTube video
How to trim a YouTube video

How do you crop a YouTube video?

  1. Select trim and cut, and click New Cut. A red box appears in the editor.
  2. Drag the sides of the red box. Stop when the red box covers the part of the video you want to remove.
  3. Select Cut to commit the changes.
  4. Click Save.

FAQ: how to trim a YouTube video

How do you edit YouTube videos for free

We can edit through plenty of apps or websites such as Kapwing, Veed, and Flixier.

Where is the video editor on YouTube?

  1. Launch YouTube Studio and click the Videos tab.
  2. Choose the video you want to edit.
  3. You will find the Editor tab.

        Can I trim someone else’s YouTube video?

  1. Load and set up MiniTool MovieMaker on the workstation.
  2. Open the software, download your chosen YouTube video, and add it to the timeline.
  3. Move the play head towards the part of the video we wish to cut and tab the scissor icon to split.
  4. Right-click to select the unnecessary part to delete afterward.                  
  5. Punch on Export to set the output settings. , 
  6. Again press the Export button to upload the video.

Can I trim YouTube videos online?

You can trim your video’s beginning, middle, or end on your computer—no need to re-upload your video for trimming. 

Can you edit videos on YouTube 2022?

  1. Launch a free video editor
  2. Load your video
  3. Fix your YouTube video size
  4. Clip and cut YouTube video
  5. Customize style YouTube video
  6. Edit YouTube videos with any free editing tools
  7. Set audio and add music
  8. Include text and captions 
  9. Post your video to YouTube


Trim your video to improve viewers’ experience and make your content impactful. As we read, how to trim a YouTube video is a fast and quick process for editing your video and removing unwanted content.

Comment below, we will love to hear about your experience.

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