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How To Tag Someone On LinkedIn (Proven Method)

If you are wondering to know about tagging someone on LinkedIn, then this article is for you. This article is a step-by-step guide on “how to tag someone on LinkedIn”.

Let’s start. 

Tag for LinkedIn

To tag someone o  LinkedIn you have to follow these easy steps below:

Tag for LinkedIn
Tag for LinkedIn
  • On your LinkedIn app, click on the “start a post” option or click the comment option at the bottom. 
  • Now type “@” to tag someone.
  • Next type the person’s name, here LinkedIn will show you a list of person names.  
  • Select the person’s name from the list.
  • After this step, continue to type messages. 

Can you tag a group on LinkedIn?

You cannot tag a group on LinkedIn, but you can tag individual members of that group. 

How to link to someone on LinkedIn

There are different ways to link/connect to someone on LinkedIn:

  1. You can search the profile and click on the connect button. 
  2. Accept the connection request you got from other members. 
  3. Connect with members from the “people you may know” section. 

Pro Tip: You can directly connect with someone on LinkedIn or you can connect with people sending a personalized message. 

What happens when you tag a company on LinkedIn?

When you tag a company on LinkedIn, the person who manages the company page will get a notification that you have mentioned their company. 

After that, they will respond according to the post or comment. 

How to tag someone on LinkedIn through Hootsuite

You can tag the business or enterprise organizations’ LinkedIn through Hootsuite only to the business or enterprise organizations. You can not tag personal profiles on LinkedIn through Hootsuite. Follow these steps to tag any business. 

  • Click on the composer option to post on LinkedIn through Hootsuite.
  • Now select the LinkedIn option under the “Publish to” dropdown.
  • Create a post including text, images, links, and videos. 
  • Now click the “@” option below, to tag any business or organization. 

How to tag a company on LinkedIn

Follow these simple steps below to tag a company on LinkedIn:

  • On your LinkedIn account create a post.
  • Type @ to tag a company and write the company’s name. 
  • Now LinkedIn will show a list of relevant companies. 
  • Here select the company name to tag them on LinkedIn. 
  • You can do the same in the comment section also. 

FAQs:- How to tag someone on LinkedIn

1. How many people can you tag on Linkedin

You can tag as many people up to the character limit of 1300. In the image post, you can tag up to 30 members. 

2. What does actively recruiting tag on LinkedIn mean?

Actively recruiting tag on LinkedIn means the company is actively looking for new employees searching for a job. These companies post job opportunities on a regular basis. 

3. How to tag a group on LinkedIn

You can not tag a group on LinkedIn, but you can tag all the group members individually. 

4. How to get author tag on Linkedin

If you create a post on your LinkedIn profile, you can see the author tag beside your name in the comment section when you engage with your community. You can get the author tag only when the post is yours. 

5. How to get hiring tag on LinkedIn

On your LinkedIn app, click on your profile icon and select the “view profile” option. Tap on your profile photo and select the “Add frame” tab. Here choose the “Hiring” option and select apply. Next click on the Add to Profile tab. 


That’s it! 
We hope we resolved all your queries on “how to tag someone on LinkedIn.” If you are getting more issues do comment to us.

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