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How to start a podcast on YouTube(Practical Method)

Imagine everyone is flocking to your website to listen to your audio podcast. But that isn’t how the internet works. For a bigger audience, your podcast needs to be accessible.

How to start a podcast on YouTube

Even though YouTube is a video platform, more people listen to audio content on YouTube than on other platforms.

We need to convert our audio file into a video by adding a static graphic to the background, let’s see How to start a podcast on YouTube.

  1. Create a background image using software such as Canva or Snappa.
  2. For best results, an image size of 2560x2240px is recommended for YouTube on all devices.
  3. Visit Headliner and convert the audio file and add the background image.
  4. An MP4 file will be created to upload to YouTube.
How to start a podcast on YouTube
How to start a podcast on YouTube

Podcast on YouTube without video

Podcasts without any visuals have low impact hence we have to add at least a static image in the YouTube Podcast.

How to start a podcast with no audience

The beginning is always without any audience and the same holds for podcasts, let’s check out How to start a podcast on YouTube.

  1. Podcasting has amplified in recent years, and now people worldwide listen to podcasts regularly. We might become anxious about trying to increase our audience in such a popular medium.
  1. The good news is that we can start our podcast with no listeners or following at all. 

How to start a podcast and make money

YouTube is a powerful tool to boost our audience and revenue. Here are a few ways to make money through podcasting on YouTube:

  1. Build community.
  2. Earn money with YouTube endorsements.
  3. Create exclusive content for paid subscribers.

YouTube podcast equipment

To start podcasting, we need some equipment. We will start by collecting some typical podcasting tools:

  1. Microphone.
  2. Headphones. 
  3. POP filter.
  4. Boom mount.

How to start a podcast on apple

We can quickly start a podcast on Apple by downloading the below apps immediately now we know How to start a podcast on YouTube.

  1. Riverside
  2. Podbean
  3. Speaker Studio

FAQ: How to Start a Podcast on YouTube

What makes more money podcasts or YouTube?

YouTube is one of the best platforms for monetization. As for it, Podcasting it is in its early and things are evolving.

Which podcast platform is best?

There are numerous platforms, to know more please check out.

  1. Buzzsprout
  2. PodBean
  3. Libsyn
  4. SoundCloud

Is it better to start a podcast or YouTube channel?

We can opt for a podcast or YouTube channel by considering our audience’s interests and how they would prefer to receive our content. We should manage our resources and how much we can do or afford to produce. 

How much does it cost to start a podcast?

  1. We can start a podcast for free if we have access to basic recording equipment or else we will need around $200 to set it up.
  1. If we wish to start a high-quality podcast, we might need between $500-$1000 to get started with the right equipment, and an additional $30-$50 per month for hosting and subscriptions.


We should dabble into podcasting since podcasts are the best way to multitask, an entertaining way to stay updated on news, politics, sports, or topics of our interest, and hearing your favorite podcast host on a regular basis feels like having a chat with a friend. This level of engagement in other forms of media is hard to find.
Now we know how to start a podcast on youtube, create your Podcast now. Looking forward to your comments below.

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