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How to Search Filters on Instagram-Reels, Story (with Image)

Filters are not a new thing on Instagram. Instagram filters have been the favorite of all its users since their inception. What makes them so unique? Well, they convert a normal image, video, these days stories, and reels into a professionally made video easily. Now, you must be thinking how to search filters on Instagram? There are so many, some inbuilt and others added by different creators.

Need not worry, we have got you covered. Just stay with us!

How to Search Filters on Instagram (2022)

Earlier, there wasn’t much use of the filters except for the images and short videos. We have seen in 2022 that the Instagram filter range has grown immensely. Now you will not see any story or reels that don’t have any filter. 

We will cover both types of devices Android and iPhone to explain how to search filters on them. Let’s cover first;

How to Search Filters on Instagram (2022) Android

Here is what you have to do. First of all 

  1. Go to instagram account on your android phone/device.
  2. Click on the story icon and then onto camera.
  3. Now, click on the “Browse effect” at the screen bottom.
  4. Select the filter by clicking on it.
  5. Tap on “try it” to see the effect.

If you liked it, you can save it to use later.

See that wasn’t so hard, was it? Alright, the steps to find filters is the same on iPhone too.

How to Find Filters on Instagram iPhone

To find filters on your iPhone, go to the Instagram app. Now, follow the same steps we did on an android device, which are;

  1. Go to your “story icon,” and click on the “camera.” 
  2. Now, tap on “Browse effect.
  3. Once that’s done, you can see the “filters page.”
  4. Select the filter you like and tap on it.
  5. Now, just click on “try it.”
  6. Your “filter effect” can be seen now.
  7. If you like it save it. Else, go back and look for other filters by scrolling.

So, now you know how to apply and search filters on Instagram. Instagram filters are so versatile and in so much variety you can’t get enough of them. Every day new filters are created and other new ones are trending. To stay on trend Instagram influencers stay on track with filters that are trending. Use the trending filters if you want your story and feeds to do well on this platform. 

Let me take you through some most used Instagram filters name.

Instagram filter Names

The most common use of filters is not just limited to images. You can easily recall using filters like Ludvig, Gingham, Antique, Lo-fi, etc. As per the research done by the design giant Canva, the most used filter in the United States is Clarendon. After that, the order is Juno, Lark, Mayfair, Sierra, Valencia, and Warden.

Some of the most used natural filters by Instagrammers are Valencia, Brooklyn, Amaro, Ludwig, Lark, Earlybird, Rise, Mayfair, and Aden.

Similarly, you can see the filters in various categories like food, fashion, nature, etc.

This was just a little intro to the types of filters available for Instagrammers. They are mostly applied to the images. What about the ones you see on Instagram stories? You must be curious to know about them!

Instagram Filters Story

Instagram story filters add not just colors and highlights. Butt, you also get options to add visual effects on your selfies, images, videos, and reels. Let’s take a look at the most commonly used effects of Instagram stories.

So, you go to the camera and choose any image from your gallery or just click any picture. 

Swipe right and you can see filters like Rio de generio, Tokyo, Cairo, Abu Dhabi, etc.

How to search filters on Instagram Reels

how to search filters on instagram
How to Search Filters on Instagram

Reels are short videos just like Tik-Tok. They have taken over Instagram in 2022. With the latest update by Adam Mosseri, Instagram is going to promote more reels and video content over images. So, knowing how to use and find filters for your reels is a skill you shouldn’t miss. 

The steps are the same,

  1. After going to the camera click on the “Browse effect.” 
  2. Now, you are in “Effect Gallery.” 
  3. Swipe to the left to see various filter tabs like reels, Instagram, Selfies, Love, Color and light, Camera styles, Moods, Funny, etc.
  4. If you click on the Reels tab, you can see various filters for your reel.
  5. Select if you liked any and tap on “try it.”
  6. Share it if you like the effect. Or go back and browse more.

FAQ- How to Search Filters on Instagram

Why can’t I browse effects on Instagram?

This can be due to many reasons. Check if your Instagram app is recently updated or not. You can force-stop it from the app settings. Also, try reinstalling your app. Sometimes, the Instagram app goes through such glitches.

How do I enable all filters on Instagram?

All the filters on Instagram are enabled and at the disposal of their users’ needs. To apply a filter, follow the steps as explained in the above blog.

How do I use Instagram filters on my camera roll?

These steps works for all types of content formats i.e. reels, posts, and stories.

Go to Instagram→click on the “+” sign→Select reels, story, or post→for stories/reels go to “browse effect”as shown in this blog→ Save the one you liked→ choose the media from your galleryclick on three- star icon at the top of screen→ saved effect will appear at the bottom screen→Click on it, the effect will be applied on your media.

Summing up!

Instagram filters are the most used feature of this social media platform. These filters complete the look of any image, or video and make it unique. They are easy to use. I have tried to help you with the most asked question about them, which is ”how to search filter on Instagram” for both Android and iPhone. If you still got a question, ask in the comments!

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