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How to post a live photo on Instagram (Proven Trick)

Live photo is an excellent feature that brings movement in your photos to life. This feature helps you to record the 1.5 seconds before and after you press the shutter button. 

If you want to share your live photo on Instagram then you have come to the right place. Here is the article on how to post a live photo on Instagram. 

How to post Live photo on Instagram post

Are you thinking of posting live photo on Instagram ? Follow the quick and easy steps below to post a live photo on Instagram:

  1. First, open your camera app.
  2. Select a live photo you want to post on Instagram. 
  3. Click on the share.
  4. Next, scroll down a bit and click on the save as video option. 
  5. Now launch your Instagram app and click on the + icon and select the Post option. 
  6. Here select the video from the library and click on next. 
  7. After that click on share

How to post Live Photo on Instagram Story

How to post a live photo on Instagram
How to post a live photo on Instagram

Ever since Instagram added story feature, it lets people to share their daily updates with their followers. The story lasts for 24 hours and users have been using it quite often.

Do you also want to post Instagram Story that too a live one? Go through the steps below to post a live photo on your Instagram Story:

  1. Open your Instagram app.
  2. Tap on the + icon and go to the story tab
  3. Next, click on camera and select the boomerang option
  4. Now press the white shutter button and capture your live photo.
  5. After that, add text and edit the live photo. 
  6. Click on the send to button at the bottom of your screen.
  7. Click on your story and share it.

How to post a Live Photo as a video on Instagram

Follow the steps below to post a live photo as a video on Instagram:

  1. Go to your camera app and select live photos.
  2. Next swipe up and select save as video
  3. After that, open your Instagram app and tap on the + icon at the top. 
  4. Click the post option and select the video you have saved. 
  5. Now tap on next and click share

FAQs: How to post a live photo on Instagram

Can you upload a live photo to Instagram?

Yes, you will be able to upload a live photo to Instagram. 

How do I turn a live photo into a video?

First, choose the Live photo→ Tap the share icon→ Here click on Save as video.

Can you post a live loop on Instagram?

Yes, you can post a live loop photo on your Instagram.

How do you post pictures on a loop on Instagram?

Open the live photo→ Tap on the loop effect→  Now save this looping live photo to video→ Go to Instagram→ Tap on the + icon→ Click post and here share your live loop video. 

How do you save live photos on Instagram?

Choose the live photo→  Tap on the share icon→  Next click on the Save as video option→ Now you can post the saved video on Instagram.

Can you turn a live photo into a Boomerang?

Yes, you can turn a live photo into a Boomerang

Can you save live Photos as videos?

Yes, you can save live photos as videos. 


Now that you know how to post a live photo on Instagram, follow these steps and teach your friends as well. Let us know in the comment if this helped and don’t forget to check out our other articles as well.

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