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How to Play YouTube on Alexa (Guide)

We are familiar with YouTube, a well-known video-sharing website, and Alexa, an Amazon-developed cloud-based voice-controlled virtual assistant. But can Alexa play YouTube, though? This article explains How to Play YouTube on Alexa (Amazon Echo devices) and other related questions.

How to Play YouTube on Alexa Show

The steps mentioned below will help you play YouTube on your Alexa show.

  1. Switch on the Alexa show and go to the discover Alexa screen.
  2. Click on the video icon if you want to watch some videos.
  3. The Alexa Show is linked to prime videos. (By default)
  4. If you want to watch YouTube, tell Alexa to show YouTube.
  5. The YouTube window will open.
  6. Watch the videos that you want to watch on YouTube.

How to Play YouTube on Alexa through iPhone

YouTube is a well-known website that a large number of people visit daily. You can access your YouTube account through your Alexa device. If you want to play YouTube on Alexa, it’s very simple. Please follow the steps given below.

  1. Switch on your Alexa device (Alexa is wireless and has Bluetooth built-in).
  2. Open your iPhone, go to the settings, and turn on Bluetooth mode.
  3. When you enable Bluetooth, Alexa will appear under my devices.
  4. Click on the Alexa/Echo dot. It will establish a connection with your iPhone. Else once Bluetooth is activated, give Alexa a voice command to pair.  
  5. Once both devices are connected, launch YouTube, and begin playing.

Why Does Alexa Not Support YouTube Music

Technically, Alexa can’t play music from YouTube. However, we can pair Alexa with our mobile device and ask Alexa to play YouTube. YouTube is available on both the Echo Show and the Echo Spot, but not YouTube Music.

I Want to Watch Alexa

There are various variations of Alexa, including the Echo Dot, Echo Studio, Echo Show, and Echo Spot. Currently, only the Echo Show and Echo Spot have a display on which we can watch videos.

Can Alexa Play Apple Music

Yes, Alexa can play Apple Music in various ways. Let’s look at each of the options.

Use Bluetooth to play Apple Music on Alexa.

First, we must pair our mobile device with Alexa via Bluetooth, and then we can ask Alexa to play Apple Music.

a. Pair your Amazon smart speaker with a Bluetooth device.

b. Connect your device to your Amazon Echo Smart Speaker.

c. Begin playing Apple Music on Alexa via the Amazon smart speaker.

Make Apple Music your default music service.

You can also make Apple Music your default music service to make it easier to access. 

Pro Tip: Apple Music is not free, you must subscribe to it before connecting with Alexa

Can I Play Google Music on Alexa

Yes, you can play Google Music on Alexa using Bluetooth. Just pair your device with Alexa to play music from Google. In December 2020, YouTube Music replaced Google Music, and you can play YouTube Music by pairing your Alexa with YouTube. 

FAQ: How to Play YouTube on Alexa

Is there an Alexa skill for YouTube?

As such, there is no separate Alexa skill for YouTube. But we can play YouTube videos on Alexa with the help of Bluetooth. Turn on Bluetooth >> Ask Alexa to connect to your device >> Connect your device to Alexa >> Open YouTube >> Play whatever you want on YouTube.

How do I enable YouTube skills on Alexa?

It is not possible to activate YouTube skills on Alexa. However, we can play YouTube on Alexa via Bluetooth. The Echo Show and Echo Dot have displays on which we can watch YouTube videos.

Will Alexa ever support YouTube Music?

Amazon does not allow us to link our YouTube Music account to Alexa (or vice versa). The only option is to use Bluetooth connectivity on our phone or laptop to stream music from YouTube Music. Turn on Bluetooth >> Connect Alexa to your phone >> Once connected, enable pairing >> Play music from YouTube Music.

Can Alexa play YouTube on TV?

You can watch YouTube on TV and control the YouTube app with Amazon Alexa.

How do I get YouTube to show on Echo?

By default, Alexa does not have its own YouTube App, which limits its functionality. However, with the help of Amazon’s Silk Browser, we can watch YouTube on the Echo Show. If you ask Alexa to play a particular video, she will display the link, which we can open and play.

How do I add YouTube to Alexa TV?

We cannot add YouTube to Alexa TV. However, we can play YouTube videos on our smart TV with the help of Alexa.


We hope we have answered all your questions about How to Play YouTube on Alexa. If you have any further questions, please leave them in the comments section below. Get all your tech-related questions answered here at True Tech Journal.

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