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How to Make YouTube Channel Private (Step By Step Guide)

How to Make a YouTube Channel Private

Do you know how to make a YouTube channel private? For creators 13 to 17 years old, the default video privacy option is private. Your default video privacy setting, if you’re 18 or older, is set to public. The setting for making a video public, private, or unlisted can be changed by anyone. 

Make YouTube Channel Private 2022

Follow the steps below to make your YouTube channel private:

1) Open YouTube Studio and log in.

2) Select Content from the left menu.

3) State the video you want to change. Select the Live tab to view your live uploads.

4) Select Public, Private, or Unlisted by using the down arrow next to “Visibility”.

5) Save.

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How to Share a Private YouTube Channel

After making the YouTube channel private, are you finding it difficult to share it? 

Follow the  below to share your Private YouTube channel:

1)Open the YouTube app, then click on your image in the top right corner.

2) In The menu that appears, tap Your channel.

3)Next, tap the top-three right vertical dots.

4)Finally, select the method you wish to use to share the channel by tapping Share.

You can use YouTube channels for teaching as well. To know more read below. 

How to Create a Private YouTube Channel for Teaching

Teaching can now be done through YouTube channels. Do you want to know how to create a private YouTube channel for teaching? 

You can make your own “teacher” channel or channels on YouTube. On that channel, you can upload your own video lessons, such as tutorials. You can make it on your Chromebook using Screen Castify. 

Follow these steps to create it:

1) Click on your user photo in the top-right corner of your YouTube account.

2) Select “Settings”

3) Then, select “Create a new channel.”

4) Give the new channel a name, then press the “Create” button.

Apart from teaching you can create YouTube channel for your family as well. To know more read below.

Private YouTube Channel for Family

YouTube is a great place to save your videos and you would definitely want to save your memories with your family but with privacy. Here I am sharing the process for creating a private YouTube channel for your family. 

  1. Click Your videos on the left-hand side of YouTube after signing in. 
  2. Your uploads ought to appear under Channel content. 
  3. Select Share privately under Private after selecting Visibility. 
  4. Hit Done after entering the invitees’ email addresses.

And you are done!

FAQ: How to make a youtube channel private

Is a Private YouTube Channel Really Private?

Private implies that only those whom you have invited may access the video. They must have their own Youtube accounts and the maximum number is 50 usernames. Your video won’t appear in any search results or in your list of channels. They won’t be able to connect to it if you try to share it with someone who wasn’t invited.

How Do I Make My YouTube Channel Private on My Phone?

You can change the privacy options for videos on your mobile and then activate the YouTube app. > Tap on Library and then on your movies. > Tap More next to the video you wish to modify, then edit. > Choose between Public, Private, or Unlisted by tapping Visibility and then click SAVE.

Can Others See My YouTube History?

The YouTube videos you watch while signed into your Google account are recorded in your YouTube watching history. This information is only accessible to users who are logged into your Google account and is not publicly accessible.

Can You Make a YouTube Channel Unlisted?

Follow the below-mentioned procedure to make your YouTube channel unlisted.  Click the Edit button to access the video’s settings. > Go to the Privacy section of the page. > There you’ll see the option to mark you video as “unlisted”, “public”, or “private”. > Select unlisted.


By now you must have become aware of the process of making your YouTube channel private. Try using this feature of YouTube for teaching and also for storing your memories with your family. 

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