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How to Make a Collage on Instagram Story(2022)

Instagram is a place to put up beautiful pictures and videos from your life. You have been sharing them through single posts or multiple carousels. What if I say, you can make collages for your pics and share them in your stories? 

Instagram has introduced fun ways to add multiple photos from your phone’s gallery. Let’s see how to make a collage on Instagram story by using stickers and a grid layout.

How to make a collage on Instagram Story on Android and iPhone

Instagram has added layout options in the story for both android and iPhone devices. If you can’t find it in your Instagram app even now. You can download them from here as suggested by

Instagram help center and For android and iPhone

Now that we have solved the issue of layout. It’s time to see how to make a collage on both these devices. 

Please note that the steps to make a collage on Android and iPhone are the same. 

Let’s begin then!

How to Make a Collage on Instagram Story 2022

How to Make a Collage on Instagram Story
How to Make a Collage on Instagram Story
How to Make a Collage on Instagram Story
How to Make a Collage on Instagram Story

Follow these steps to the T and you will be fine.

  1. Go to your account and click on the story icon or “+.”
  2. Click on “layout.”
  3. Select the layout you want to use from the given options.
  4. Click on the screen to take a picture or tap on the gallery to add pictures from your camera roll.
  5. Keep adding photos in different grids till you see a “✓” on screen.
  6. Tap on the “checkmark” circle to finish your collage.
  7. Click on the “story icon” to share it.

Pro Tip: you can delete a picture by just tapping and clicking on the delete option.

The above method is the most popular for adding multiple images in IG stories. But, there’s another fun way to do it. Want to know what that is?  By using the sticker option. 

If you were thinking about,

How to make Birthday collage on Instagram Story

How to Make a Collage on Instagram Story
How to Make a Collage on Instagram Story
How to Make a Collage on Instagram Story
How to Make a Collage on Instagram Story

I will show you how I made an easy collage of my Dog. You can do yours similarly. Here it is;

  1. Go to your “IG account” and click on a “story” or simply swipe right anywhere in the feed.
  2. Now click a “picture” for the background of your collage.
  3. You can point to your wall, or add any picture from your gallery. I have just pointed my camera on the surface, to click black as my background color. 
  4. Now, click on the “smiley square” to get to the stickers option. 
  5. Scroll up till you see the “plus sign in the grid,” as shown in the image.
  6. Add pictures” from your gallery. Tap on the picture to choose the frame.
  7. Go back and repeat the above step, till you have added pictures for your collage. I have added three here.
  8. You can add fun stickers to your collage, to make them more personalized.
  9. If you are happy with your collage, go ahead and click on the story icon to share!

Pro Tip- How to Overlay Photos on Instagram Story

You can resize the photos, and rearrange them by simply pinching in and dragging. You can overlay pictures, and use as many pictures as they fit on to screen. Use your creativity here!

That’s how you make collages for Instagram stories by using grid options and stickers.

FAQ-How to Make a Collage on Instagram Story

What app do people use for Instagram story collages?

Here are a few apps you can download and use to make collages for your IG;

Inshots, Pickmaker, Piccollage 

Why can’t I add multiple pictures on Instagram?

Update your Instagram app. Go to the link mentioned on this blog to download the layout for your respective Android or iPhone device.

How do you put multiple pictures on an Instagram Story 2022?

You can add multiple pictures on Instagram by following these steps:

Swipe right anywhere in the feed→Click on the “layout” option→select the layout grid you want to use→add pictures from your “camera roll”→or click them→click on the “check-mark” sign to finish your collage.

You can know all the details in the blog above.

Bottle Up!

Instagram gives a variety of options to make boring pictures and videos inviting. Its stories feature adding multiple pictures in a grid layout and personalized collages are great ways to add creativity and boost your IG follower’s engagement. This blog on How to make a collage on Instagram story is just a snippet of what can be done with it. If you liked it, come back for a more fun learning experience on Instagram.

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