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How to Hide Posts on Instagram Complete Guide 2022

How to hide posts on Instagram or let us rephrase this query, how to archive a post or restrict the post visibility. This is a common thing these days, not all content you post on your social media is for everyone. Sometimes it can be inappropriate, offensive, or distasteful for some of your followers. What can you do about it though? 

You can hide your posts on Instagram from specific people. How to do that, keep reading and you will be a pro by the end of this article!

Instagram gives many options in its privacy setting to deal with such issues:

Let’s look at them one by one.

How to Hide Posts on Instagram Without Deleting Your Posts

How to hide posts on Instagram
How to hide posts on Instagram

To do this, take these simple steps:

  1. Go to your Instagram profile and open the post you want to hide.
  2. Click on the “three dots” at the top right corner.
  3. Select, archive.”
  4. Your post will ‘hide” from your profile.

To know more about the benefits of archiving your posts, head to this article


How to Unhide Posts on Instagram

To unhide a post on Instagram take these steps:

  1. Go to your Instagram profile and click on the hamburger menu at the top right corner of your main profile.
  2. Click on “archive activity.”
  3. Tap on the drop-down menu, and select “post.”
  4. All archive posts are displayed, select the one you want to unhide.
  5. Click on “unarchive post.”
  6. Your post will unhide and appear on your profile.

How to Hide Posts From Someone on Instagram Without Blocking

To hide posts from someone without blocking them follow this step-by-step approach

  1. Go to the profile you want to hide your posts from and click on the “three horizontal lines.”
  2. Now, select the ‘restrict” option from the options.
  3. “Confirm” to apply the action.

That’s it! That person will not see your posts, stories, or any content in their feed.

Instagram Post For Specific Friends or Close Friends on Instagram

Instagram gives you the option to make a group of close friends. You can create a list of the followers with whom you want to share specific posts. Say personal content, products, etc. you can do this by these simple steps:

  1. Go to your “profile” by clicking the “profile picture” in the corner of the bottom screen.
  2. Click on the “three horizontal lines or the hamburger menu”.
  3. From the menu that popped up at the bottom, click on “close friends.
  4. Select the friends/followers you want to include in the close friend’s group.
  5. And you are done, tap back.

Now, tap on the “close friends only” whenever you share your story to enable this group. These sets will only see the story you share.

FAQ- How to Hide Posts on Instagram

How do I hide Instagram posts from certain followers?

To hide your posts from a few followers you can opt to restrict their accounts. Just go to their account→click on the three verticals dots→select “restrict.”

How do I hide Instagram posts without unfollowing?

You can hide your posts from someone without unfollowing them by restricting them.

go to their profile→click on the three vertical dots→select “restrict.”

When you restrict someone on Instagram can they see your posts?

No, the restricted person can’t see your posts. They can only see your profile.

What is difference between restrict and block on Instagram?

When you block someone, they can’t see your profile, posts, or stories. They can’t message you or contact you.

When you restrict someone, they can comment and like and can see your profile bio. But, their comments and likes will not appear on your profile and their DMs will straight go to message requests.

How can you tell if someone muted you on Instagram?

If the person inquisition has not viewed, liked, or commented on your feeds. They are still following you and you can see their posts. It can be concluded that they have muted you.


Instagram allows IGer’s to safe keep their posts and content in several ways. There is always a workaround to solve issues like ‘how to hide post on Instagram,” you just have to look for it. Like in this case you have to choose from close friends, restrict, mute, block, or archive. Choose whichever suits you because most of them don’t notify the end user. Hope this article added value to your cause. If so, share your favorite method to hide posts on Instagram.

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