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How to Get Sponsored on Instagram (Step-By-Step Guide)

Sponsorship on Instagram is like an advertisement. There are two types of sponsorship on Instagram: “sponsored posts” and “paid influencer sponsorships”. 

It’s no surprise that you want to become an influencer and get sponsored by brands so that you could start earning money. One of the best ways to start is with Instagram video sponsorship which will land you with a long-term brand partnership.

In this article, we’ll show you how to get sponsored on Instagram by brands or for free.

How to Get Sponsored on Instagram with 1,000 Followers

You can land sponsorship with only 1000 followers if you follow the below tips:

  1. You must have a business account.
  2. Have a specific niche.
  3. Your account should be visually appealing.
  4. Use relevant hashtags.
  5. You should post consistently.
  6. Share useful and trustworthy content.
  7. Build your own community.

How to Get Sponsored by Brands

You are most likely to get sponsored by brands if you consider the following points to grow your reach:

  1. Have a relevant Business account.
  2. Know your target audience and post content accordingly.
  3. Make your Instagram account available to your brands. For example, putting up your email address in your bio.
  4. Post consistently.
  5. Keep your Instagram account up to date by following the latest trends.
  6. Make yourself visible to the brand. For example, by uploading a review video for a brand.

How to Sponsor on Instagram Free

If you follow the procedures that are mentioned below, you will be able to get sponsored on Instagram at no cost:

  1. Define your niche.
  2. Try to know your audience.
  3. Always use relevant hashtags.
  4. Tag brands in your review posts, videos, or stories.
  5. Mention your contact details in your bio.
  6. You should post consistently.
  7. Know your worth. You should know how much you are going to charge when different brands reach out to you.

Instagram Sponsorship for Small Accounts 

Instagram influencers who have small accounts is also called micro-influencers. Brands are sponsoring micro-influencers instead of mega-influencers which are very expensive. 

The following steps can help you to put yourself in front of brands in a more authentic way.

  1. Specify your brand content:
    • What will your page represent?
    • What content would you like to upload?
    • Who will your target audience be?
  2. Make sure you post frequently.
  3. Make good use of hashtags and geotags.
  4. Make your bio informative.
  5. Tag brands in your posts.
  6. Make sure to reach out to brands.
  7. Make sure to build a community.

Instagram Sponsorship Apps

There are many sponsored apps that can help you put your name in front of your brand and help you work with different brands, such as The Cirqle, Collabor8, indaHash, and ExpertVoice.

How to Get Sponsored by Clothing Brands on Instagram

Make your profile trustworthy.

If you want to get sponsored by a clothing brand then make your content in such a way that brands notice you and realize that you actually like fashion or their brand.

Promote the brand’s product and genuinely show them that you love their brand.

How to Get Sponsored on Instagram Fitness

To get sponsored by a fitness brand, make sure that you create content on fitness and let the brand know that you are serious when it comes to fitness.

Use your fitness brand’s product that you want sponsorship from and promote it on the Instagram platform.

Reach out to fitness brands and influencers who promote fitness and build a community.

How to Get Sponsored on Instagram Reddit

You can promote yourself on Reddit by linking your images on the Reddit forum.

FAQ: How to Get Sponsored on Instagram

How many followers do I need to get sponsored on Instagram?

You should have at least 1,000 followers before you start approaching the companies to collaborate with their brands. This number will make them trust your work and efforts.

How do you ask a brand to sponsor you?

Try to learn more about the brand you want to collaborate with, you should always start with research and prepare a good pitch to present. Let your work speak for you.

Does Instagram pay 1k followers?

Yes, you can get paid for 1K followers but you need to consider a few things, such as having valuable content and making it visually appealing.

Can you be an influencer with 1,000 followers?

It is possible to become an Influencer if you have 1000 followers by posting valuable content with proper context.

How can I grow my Instagram and make money?

You can make money on Instagram through various ways like a brand partnership, affiliate marketing, consulting, and promoting products.

How do people make money on Instagram without followers?

You can make money without followers on Instagram with your content by teaching your audience something valuable, through affiliate marketing, or by promoting your products or services.


You now know everything about how to get sponsored on Instagram. Your work should speak for you, so put your skills to good use and create valuable content. 

Please direct any other questions to the comments section.

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