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How to Find Unlisted YouTube Videos (Proven Method)

YouTube has grown beyond being a video sharing platform. People not only watch billions of hours of video content every day, but also post texts, polls, and images. For more privacy, YouTube has come up with features where you can limit the audience for your video. An unlisted video is one such setting where the uploader can share the video with specific people.

In this article, let’s find out how to find unlisted YouTube Videos.

Unlisted Videos

Are you hesitating to upload something on YouTube because you don’t want to share it publicly? If so, YouTube has features such as an unlisted video setting where you can choose with whom you want to share it. The videos that are tagged Unlisted by the uploader will not appear on the search results. Not only that, but they will not be visible to your subscribers on your channel homepage as well. All you have to do is share the link to the video with the chosen group of people. The unlisted video setting is the middle way between public and private.

How to Find Unlisted YouTube Videos Without Link Reddit

Unlisted videos won’t appear on the search result or on the uploader’s channel profile. Finding back your unlisted video can be a task sometimes if you do not have the link.  Or for some reason, if you want to find other people’s unlisted videos without an URL, here’s how you can do it.

Method 1 

YouTube allows anyone with the link to the unlisted video to reshare it. Considering this, if someone adds this video to the public playlist, you can find it and watch it without a link.

Method 2

Go to the Unlisted Videos website by Statistical Consultants Ltd. It allows people to submit, watch, and search for unlisted YouTube videos. Registration is not required on this website. Yet, the security of this website is still questionable.

How to Find Unlisted YouTube Videos Reddit

Sometimes you might want to share the video with family and friends first before it goes public. But unlisted videos neither appear on your channel homepage, nor in search results. Thus, finding them becomes a task sometimes. Here are some simple steps to find unlisted YouTube Videos:

1. Go to your YouTube Studio after logging in.

2. Tap on the Content option on the left sidebar.

3. Under the Uploads tab, click on Filter.

4. Tap on Visibility. From the drop down menu, check Unlisted box.

5. Tap on Apply.

Now all your unlisted videos will appear in the window.

YouTube Unlisted Video Hack

It is difficult to watch an unlisted Video on YouTube unless you have the link. If you want to find and watch someone else’s Unlisted video, it can be done using the following hacks:

1. If the unlisted video is added to the Public Playlist, it becomes visible on the playlist.

2. There’s an unlisted video website, where people can watch, submit, and search for unlisted videos. This website does not require any registration.

3. Unlisted videos do not appear in search results or on YouTuber’s playlist. But the unlisted videos can be indexed in search result pages using texts and symbols.

Unlisted YouTube Videos Website

Unlisted YouTube Videos Website allows people to watch, share, and find unlisted videos. It was launched on 28 December 2014 by Statistical Consultants Ltd.

There is no registration needed before you start using it to find unlisted videos.

Is Unlistedvideos.com Safe?

Today many brands, celebrities, and YouTubers use the unlisted YouTube video feature. The purpose is to declutter the account and allow people to watch the newest videos first. Some people use this video setting for privacy purposes. If they want to share their video content with only a limited number of people, they opt for unlisted videos.

Unlistedvideos.com allows people to share, watch and find unlisted videos without registration.

There are guidelines on what is permitted to upload on the website. If a video unlisted is clearly for privacy reasons, one can add a statement or disclaimer to avoid getting submitted on the website. Block Unlistedvideos.com is the statement that can be added to avoid the video getting uploaded on the website.

Watch Unlisted YouTube Videos on TV

Wouldn’t it be fun to watch a family video or your business conference exclusively shared with you on TV? If you have the link to the unlisted video, you can watch it on the smart TV.

You can follow the below-mentioned method to watch the unlisted video on TV:

1. Open the video on your phone via the link shared with you and like the video.

2. Now go to the YouTube app on your smart TV, and log in through the same account as on your phone.

3. Go to Library on the left side panel.

4. Tap on Liked videos.

Here, you will find the unlisted video you liked. Now you can start playing the video on TV.

FAQs: How to Find Unlisted YouTube Videos

Can you change an unlisted YouTube video to public?

Yes, you can change an unlisted YouTube Video to Public. This can be done from the YouTube Studio.

 How do I find random unlisted videos on YouTube?

To find random unlisted videos on YouTube, try using the website Unlistedvideos.com.

How do I find unlisted videos?

Unlisted videos can be found via 3 methods:

1. Public Playlist, 2. By using the website, Unlistedvideos.com, and 3. Unlisted videos can be indexed in search result pages.

Where can I find unlisted YouTube link?

An unlisted YouTube link is usually shared via the uploader. So, you need to ask the uploader for the link.

Can private YouTube videos be found?

No, private YouTube videos cannot be found.


Unlisted video setting helps the user to limit the viewership of their video. But since an unlisted video is not visible on search results or uploaders page, there’s a good chance of losing the link.  Whether you have the link to the video or not, I hope now you know how to find unlisted youtube videos.

For any more queries, feel free to write to us in the comments.

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