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How To Cancel Zoom Subscription (Guide)

If you want to cancel your zoom subscription, then this article is for you. Let’s get into the steps on “how to cancel zoom subscription”.

How to cancel Zoom subscription on iPhone

Cancel zoom subscription on your iPhone with the following steps below.

  • Open your zoom app on your iPhone. 
  • Sign in to your zoom account. 
  • Now click on the Account Management tab and select the Billing option. 
  • Next tap on the Cancel subscription tab under the Current plans tab. 
  • Again select cancel subscription to confirm your request. 
  • Now give a reason why you do not want your subscription renewed. 
  • Next click on Submit. 

How to cancel Zoom subscription and get refund

Follow the easy steps below to cancel your zoom subscription. 

  • The 1st step is to sign in to your zoom account. 
  • Select the Account Management tab and tap on the Billing option. 
  • Under the Current plans tab, click on the Cancel subscription option. 
  • Now if you are eligible for a refund, click on the “Need Help” tab to get a refund.
  • In the next window, you can see the refund amount.
  • Click on the “Cancel and Refund” tab to agree to the terms of the refund process & cancel the subscription. 

Pro Tip:- Your account must not have been used since the last time it was billed in order to be eligible for a refund.

Can I downgrade My Zoom account?

Yes, you can downgrade your zoom account. 

  • Sign in to your zoom account.
  • Navigate to Account management and select the Billing option. 
  • Now select the current plans and click on the Edit current plan.
  • Here click on Looking to downgrade to pro under choose your plan. 

How to renew Zoom subscription

You can renew your zoom subscription with the simple steps below.

  • Sign in to your zoom account. 
  • Navigate to the Account Management tab and click on Billing. 
  • Select the Edit plan option beside the subscription.
  • Here tap on the Annual option and click on save & continue.
  • Next review your changes and again click on save & continue.
  • After this step, select place order to complete the purchase. 

FAQs:- How to cancel zoom subscription

1. How much does a subscription to zoom cost

Zoom subscription costs

For Pro Plan, $14.99 per month & $149.90 per year

For Business Plan, $19.99 per month & $199.90 per year. 

For Enterprise Plan, $19.99 per month & $240 per year. 

2. How many people can I invite on zoom with a pro subscription

You can add up to 100 people with a pro subscription on zoom. 

3. How to cancel zoom pro subscription

On your zoom portal navigate to Account Management and then Billing. Click the cancel subscription under the option of the Current plan. Again click on Cancel subscription and choose a reason for cancellation. Click on submit. 

4. What zoom subscription has breakout rooms?

Zoom announced a new feature to create as many as 50 separate breakout sessions for small group discussions. 


We hope you got all your answers on “how to cancel zoom subscription”. If you are facing any other issues do comment to us.

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