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How To Archive All Instagram Posts? (With Images)

One of the popular features of Instagram is to archive all posts. You can archive a post you’ve posted to remove it from your profile and prevent your followers from seeing it.

If you are wondering how to archive all Instagram posts, then this article will help you. 

Let’s get started!

How to archive Instagram posts?

How to archive Instagram posts
How to archive Instagram posts

Follow these steps below. 

  • Open your Instagram app. 
  • Navigate to your profile and choose the post you want to archive.
  • Now select the 3 dots at the top right side of the post.
  • Click the “Archive” tab.

How to archive all Instagram posts Reddit : Click Assistant- Auto Clicker

According to Reddit, there is no way to archive all IG posts but you can archive the posts using a third-party application. 

Install the Click Assistant – Auto Clicker app. Using this app you can archive all your post. 

How to archive all Instagram posts iPhone?

You can archive all IG posts on your iPhone, following the steps below.

  • Open your Instagram app on your iPhone.
  • Navigate to your profile and click 3 lines at the top.
  • Now select the “Your activity” option.
  • Then click on “photos and videos”.
  • Here select the Posts tab and click on the “select” option at the top right side.
  • Select the posts you want to archive.
  • Then click on “Archive” at the bottom left corner and select archive to confirm it.

How to archive all Instagram posts on computer?

Instagram doesn’t support the archive feature on the web version, but you can do it using an android emulator. 

To archive, all posts on the computer follow these steps below. 

  • Open your browser and download Bluestack. Install and run this emulator. 
  • Here in the Emulator, download Instagram and then download the app Click Assistant – Auto Clicker. 
  • You can follow the previous steps to archive all IG posts.

How to unarchive all Instagram posts?

How to unarchive all Instagram posts min
How to unarchive all Instagram posts

To archive all IG posts, you have to follow these steps below:-

  • Open your Instagram app.
  • Click on the profile tab, and then click the 3 lines at the top. 
  • Navigate to the “Archive” tab and at the top select “posts archive”
  • Now select the posts you want to unarchive. 
  • Next select “Unarchive”

Mass archive Instagram posts 2022

Instagram doesn’t allow you to mass, but we have another solution for you. You can install a 3rd-party application to do soo. 

Install the Click Assistant – Auto Clicker app from the play store. This app is for Android users only. You can install another app for your iPhone such as “Web Macro Bot: Record & Replay”

Let’s get started with the Click Assistant tool.

  • 1st download the Click Assistant app from the Play Store.
  • In the app tap on “start service”
  • On your Instagram app, select the profile tab. 
  • Here choose the posts you want to mass archive and click the circles from the toolbar. 
  • Then click on Archive and select “done”

Mass archive Instagram posts app

You can do it using third-party apps.

You can download the Click Assistant – Auto Clicker app for your android phone and you can download the Web Macro Bot: Record & Replay app from your iPhone. 

Frequently Asked Questions:-

1. How to mass archive Instagram posts?

You can mass archive IG post using a third-party app. Install Click Assistant – Auto Clicker to mass archive all your IG posts.

2. How to schedule Instagram posts?

You can schedule Instagram posts using tools such as Hootsuite or Later.

3. What happens when you archive Instagram posts?

 When you archive posts, it will be removed temporarily from your profile and your followers can’t see the posts on your profile. Later on, you can unarchive the posts and it will appear on your Instagram profile. 

4. How to find archive posts on Instagram?

Navigate to your profile and then click on the 3 lines. Here select the “Archive” tab to find all archive posts. 

5. How to see posts you liked on Instagram?

On your Instagram app, click on the profile tab and then select the 3 lines. To see posts you liked click on Your activity>Interaction>Likes.

6. How to turn off suggested posts on Instagram?

Click on the 3 dots of the suggested posts and then select “Not interested” to turn off suggested posts. 

7. How to share posts on Instagram story?

To share posts on Instagram story, click the paper airplane icon at the bottom of the posts and then select “Add post to your story”.


We hope you got all the answers. If you are facing any other issues, comment to us, we would love to help you.

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