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How to Add Pronouns on Instagram (Step-By-Step Guide)

Instagram has always made users feel at ease enough to express themselves on their platform. Instagram allows users to add pronouns to their accounts. Pronouns are terms that people use to talk about themselves and show who they are.

But you don’t have an idea about how to add pronouns on Instagram? Proceed in the following manner:

How to Add Pronouns on Instagram Android

When people know which pronouns to use, they can communicate with you using those pronouns. Follow the below steps to add pronouns to your account:

  1. Open your Instagram account.
  2. Go to your profile icon.
  3. Go to Edit Profile.
  4. Go to the Pronouns.
  5. Enter your pronoun and click on save.

Why Can’t I Add Pronouns on Instagram

According to Instagram Help Center, the pronouns option is not yet available to everyone.

But you can add your pronouns in the bio of your Instagram profile and save it.

Instagram Pronouns Examples

Instagram allows you to add different pronouns like

  1. She/her/hers.
  2. he/him/his.
  3. They/them/theirs.
  4. Per/pers (this pronoun is inspired by the word person).
  5. Ze/zir ( this is a non-gender specific pronoun)

Instagram Pronouns for Girl

She/her/hers are most commonly used by girls, but you are free to use whatever pronoun you want when communicating with others.

For example, people also use fae/faer or mer/mers.

Instagram Pronouns for Boy

He/him/his are commonly used by boys but they can choose whatever pronoun they want and are comfortable with it. 

For example, people also use pronouns like co/cos, ne/nir/nirs, or e/ey/em/eir which are gender-neutral pronouns.

Pronouns in Bio Examples

Below are the examples of pronouns that can be used regardless the gender identity:

  1. she/her/hers
  2. he/him/his
  3. they/them/theirs
  4. ze/zir/zir
  5. zie/hir/hir
  6. per/per/pers
  7. xe/xem/xyr
  8. fae/faer/faer
  9. ve/ver/vis
  10. vi/vir/vis
  11. e/ey/em/eir

FAQ: How to Add Pronouns on Instagram

How do you add a pronoun on Instagram 2022?

You can add pronouns to your Instagram account by going to your Profile icon→Edit Profile→go to the Pronoun option→save it.

Pro tip: If you don’t have the pronoun option then add it in your bio.

Which pronoun is best for Instagram?

Instagram allows you to choose pronouns like









Why do people list their pronouns?

Using proper pronouns while communicating with people is very important because pronouns are directly related to their gender identity. Acknowledging someone with their right pronouns makes them feel respected.

Why should I put my pronouns in my bio?

There are two reasons, one it allows people to use your proper pronoun. Second, if you don’t have the pronoun option in your Instagram account you have to write it in your bio.

Do I have to share my pronouns?

Sharing your pronouns is your choice. When you share your pronoun, people will acknowledge you with a pronoun you are comfortable with.


So now you have a complete guide on how to add pronouns on Instagram. Adding a pronoun to your Instagram account will allow people to communicate with you using your pronoun, which will make you feel respected and accepted.

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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