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How Many People Can Be On A Zoom Call [2022]

Zoom made it simple & easy to work & collaborate remotely. However, there are a few limitations for free users and paid subscribers. 

This article will help you to know how many people can be on a zoom call.

Whether you have a free account or paid account you can add up to 100 participants on a zoom call. 

You can increase the participants up to 500 or 1000 with an additional Large Meeting add-on

  • For 500 participants you have to pay $50.
  • For 1000 participants you have to pay $90. 

How many participants can join in Zoom for free

You can add up to 100 participants who can join zoom for free. 

Zoom plans

Here are listed the different zoom plans. 

Plans Pricing 

Zoom Basic Free

Zoom Pro $14.99 per month/ $149.90 per year

Zoom Business $19.99 per month/ $199.90 per year

Zoom Enterprise  $19.99 per month/ $240 per year

Join a Zoom meeting

You can join a zoom meeting with the following steps below. 

  • On your Chrome browser visit the page Zoom
  • Here enter your Meeting ID or the Personal Link name.
  • Click on the Join tab. 

Zoom download

You can download zoom from your android or iPhone with the easy steps below. 

  • Open your Play Store on your android or App Store on your iPhone. 
  • Type “zoom” on the search bar.
  • Click on Install on your android phone or click on Get on your iPhone. 

Download zoom on your PC with the steps below. 

  • Visit the page Zoom.
  • Click on the Download button under the Zoom desktop client option.
  • Now click on the Zoom Installation Package (“ZoomInstaller.exe”). 
  • Next, you have to allow for the installation process. 

FAQs:- How many people can be on a zoom call

1. How to unmute on zoom phone call

On your zoom meeting, touch your phone screen to see the unmute option. Here if you are in mute, the mute button will be in red color. To unmute yourself click on the mute button which is in red color. 

2. How to schedule a zoom call

Sign in to your zoom account. Click on the schedule option. Now select the options such as the topic name, date, time, and repeat mode. Next, add the meeting to the Calendar and click on Done. 

3. How to change name on zoom call

Sign in to your zoom account and click on your profile. Here select the Display name option and change the name. Now click on the save option. 

4. How to make a zoom call on computer

On your desktop, sign in to your zoom account and click on the new meeting. After that, join with computer audio. Next, click on the Participants tab and select the invite option. Here invite people to join through the mail or contacts option.

5. How do I invite people to a zoom video conference call

On your zoom meeting, click on the Participants option and tap on the invite tab. Here you can invite people by sending a mail or contacts or sending the URL.


We hope you got all the information on how many people can be on a zoom call. If you have any other queries comment to us.

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