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How Do You Change Your Name on Instagram (Quick Hack)

Instagram allows its users to change their name whenever and however they want so that you can use your creativity to make your name stand out from the crowd. So it’s easy to recognize you when someone finds you.

But you have no idea how do you change your name on Instagram. If yes, learn all the steps below.

How to Change Name on Instagram before 14 Days

As per the new guidelines of Instagram, users are not allowed to change their names more than twice within 14 days due to Instagram’s security reasons.

So you have to be careful while changing your name on Instagram.

Decide in advance what your Instagram name should be and then go to your Instagram account, and change your name.

How to Change Name on Instagram without Facebook

You can easily change your name on Instagram without Facebook, by following the below steps:

How Do You Change Your Name on Instagram
How Do You Change Your Name on Instagram
  1. Open your Instagram account.
  2. Go to your Profile icon.
  3. Then go to Edit Profile.
  4. Now change the Name as per your choice and save it.

Instagram Name Change Style

If you want to add some style to your Instagram name then use igfonts to change your plain name into something fancy and unique. Follow the below steps:

  1. First, decide what name you want for your Instagram account.
  2. Once you have decided go to igfonts and write in add your text here box.
  3. After writing you will get various options for your name in different fonts, designs, and sizes.
  4. Select the one you like and copy it.
  5. Then go to Instagram Profile.
  6. Go to Edit Profile and paste it into the Name section and save it.

Instagram Username Change Limit

When you wish to change your username on Instagram, you will run into a few restrictions, which are as follows:

  1. Your name should not be more than 30 characters.
  2. You can have letters, periods, numbers, and underscores.
  3. You cannot change your username more than 2 times within 14 days.

How to Change Username in Instagram When It Is Not Available

If someone else on Instagram has the same username as you, you should change your username to avoid confusion.

You can make your username unique by adding numbers, underscores, and using different font designs.

Instagram Username Ideas

Instagram users are allowed to come up with creative usernames to make themselves more easily recognizable to other users.

Whenever you want your Instagram username to be unique, but cannot think of anything, you can visit Instausername (Instagram Username Generator).

FAQ: How Do You Change Your Name on Instagram

Why can’t I change my Instagram name?

A user can change their Instagram name only two times within 14 days, according to Instagram guidelines. You will not be able to change your name if you try more than two times.

How can I change my Instagram name more than twice?

You cannot change your name more than two times within two weeks according to Instagram.

How do you change your Instagram name on Iphone?

To change your Instagram name on iPhone Go to your Instagram profile→Go to Edit Profile→Then change your name→Save it.

When can you change your name on Instagram after changing it twice?

If you have changed your Instagram name twice then you can only change it after 14 days.

Does Instagram let you change your name?

Yes, Instagram enables you to change your name as per your choice but twice within two weeks.


However, now you don’t have to keep thinking about how do you change your name on Instagram because of the detailed guidelines above. Don’t forget to add a creative and catchy name so that you stand out among other users on the platform.

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